Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Tyranny of Teeth

A couple of weeks ago, Teeth informed Princess Anne that she, Princess Anne, was expected to be in the filing room every day between 4:00 and 4:30 in order to catch up on the backlog of filing. Princess Anne, who, though an idiot, is not a slacker, replied that this was simply not possible except on Thursdays and Fridays, due to her own workload. After all, when the Cub quit in August, no-one bothered to hire a replacement temp, and there are no plans to replace Sylvester, either. We have already been told that.

Yet, despite Princess Anne's objections, Teeth told her that she was neverthless expected to be in that filing room.

Today, we learned that Teeth is not letting us go early tomorrow afternoon, as is customary, because Princess Anne has not caught up on her filing.

And I am incensed. Furious. Pissed right off.

It's not because we don't get to go home early (although that would have been nice; I have a party to prepare for the following evening). After all, I'm not entitled to that time off. I'm cross-eyed pissed off because Teeth has chosen to begin her reign of tyranny by laying the blame for all this on Princess Anne.

And Teeth has both today and tomorrow off work, the fucking buck-toothed slunt.

But if she thinks that the rest of us blame Princess Anne, she is seriously mistaken. We know this has nothing to do with filing and everything to do with Teeth power-tripping.

And if she thinks that I am just going to sit around and wait for her to come gnawing on me, then she's got another think coming, because I will take two retail jobs before I have to deal with her bullshit.

I declined to take an afternoon break today so that most of my work could be done in anticipation of being released early tomorrow. That was before I heard the news, of course. Now I don't give a rat's ass if my bills are caught up or not.

So whattaya think? Should I "sleep in" tomorrow and wander into the office around 11:00?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dental Damn

It's official: effective January 1, 2012, Teeth is my new boss.

I confess, I am all astonishment. I have a number of questions that I would like to ask Head Office Lady, questions like,

1. "Are you serious?"

2. "Are you desperate?"

3. "Is this really the best you could do?"

4. "Have you actually met Teeth?"

So now the job hunt is on in earnest.