Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It's lonely when you don't comment.

Just sayin', kids.

Here's a tidbit though: today, Teeth told the WalMart Girls that at her high school in Moose Jaw (how fucking perfect is THAT?), they had a CB Club. Yes, whereas other urban high schools in Canada have drama clubs or chess clubs or AV clubs, Teeth joined the CB Radio Club.

They had jackets made and everything. Hers apparently featured a little red devil in a diaper (?) on the back.

And her handle?

Hot Stuff.

I couldn't make this shit up, man. It's pure gold. This bitch is going in a book, I swear it.


Pisser said...

We have been reading, was just too horrified by the adult baby to comment :)) (Can that girl's boyfriend get together with the adult rocking horse lady??)

This site is pure comedy gold and I don't know why the devil is wearing a diaper (perhaps SHE needs to get with Gaga Goo Goo, too) but truth be told, the jacket should have had a damn donkey on the back, and the diaper should have been over its MOUTH. The woman is a stubborn, shit-talking ass!!

debbie said...

I apologize for not commenting. I read and enjoy every post you write, and often write comments in my head. I just don't find them pithy or profound enough to post. I will try better in the future. Please keep posting.

Jenn said...

I know Moose Jaw, I grew up close to Moose Jaw, and I currently live Not Far from Moose Jaw. Calling it an urban anything, and comparing the high school there to high schools in actual cities is a huge mistake.

After moving back to Saskatchewan, and moving to an incredibly small town I learned a thing or two about people. The people here are *different*. The culture is different. That doesn't mean that people in the city are *better* - I mean, there are bigots and bullies no matter where you go, but in a small town they're just more obvious. "Keeping up with the Jones'" takes on a whole new meaning though - it's the snowmobiles and quads and pick-up trucks that count here. People are *proud* to be red-necks, much like any group that has reclaimed derogatory words for their own, so has the red neck.

Not sure where I'm going here. WalMart is evil, but when you live out of town it's the easiest place to go and buy everything you need in one stop. When you're poor and struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque to feed and clothe yourself and your kids, it's often the only option.

Sharon Needles said...

Jenn, and I guess my point would be that Teeth is an asshole, so nothing she does at this point is going to redeem her. The fact that she absolutely revels in being the self-appointed WalMart Queen only makes it worse.

I certainly do not mean to imply that "urban" is better. God knows, I dream of the day when I, too, can slip the surly bonds of city life and live as isolated as possible from the shitbags that live in town. And there is nothing wrong with rural people--try eating without them.

What I object to is willful ignorance and intolerance and bigotry dressed up as liberal thinking. Not that such attitudes aren't found in city-fold--they just seem to happen with alarming regularity in those quad-drivin', deer-shootin' rednecks of which Teeth is so proudly a representative.

Jenn said...

Heh. The folks here are quite proud of not being liberal thinkers, they dislike liberals above all things. I spent a year working on the farm being needled (good naturedly) about being a "Liberal Thinking Homo Loving Pinko Treehugger"...but I was their "L.T.H.L.P.T." so I was acceptable.

Keith said...

You snuck a couple of blog posts in on me. Normally I keep track of updated blogs on my blogroll. But I don't have this one on my blogroll. Let's just say it's a lot different than the other blogs.

The only way to deal with bullies is to call them on their bullshit. Park in their spot. Supply the punchline to their "jokes", but in a way as much like handling dogshit as possible. Occasionally, you have to bite back. Then they'll leave you alone. Why other people don't do it, I don't know.

Maven said...

I concur w/Pisser!

batgirl said...

Hot Stuff, a cute little (li'l?) devil in a diaper, is a Harveytoons character, along with Casper the Friendly Ghost, Wendy the Good Little Witch, Richie Rich, and so on.
So, y'know, copyright infringement as well as juvenile tastes.
(and yet I know this, because I am a giant geek)

Scott said...

OMFG Adult Baby??? Man that shit is messed up! Imagine if you meet the guy, how could you possibly take him seriously .. oh and Teeth from Moose Jaw - classic!